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Brown sauces that are better than ever

Change is an essential characteristic of the culinary landscape. Since 1838, Knorr has adapted to meet the needs of the world’s chefs. And now, our rejuvenated brown sauces are set to support today’s progressive kitchens and the challenges they face.

One of the great attractions of a career in the kitchen is the fast-paced, adrenaline-filled atmosphere. In recent times, that’s been more than matched by a culinary landscape that is transforming at an unprecedented rate.

Increasing demands from diners are putting chefs under pressure to keep up without compromising taste and quality standards. At times, meeting those challenges may seem like an insurmountable task, especially for chefs who want to become ever more creative and explore new ideas.

Good news: we’ve improved our range

With the sharp increase of diners requesting gluten-free meals, kitchens need a simple, versatile brown base that helps them deliver high consistency and signature flavours to every diner.

The rejuvenated brown sauce range by Knorr Professional is set to make things a whole lot easier with the entire range now gluten-free.

By responding to changing diner needs, Knorr Professional brown sauces allow chefs to fearlessly explore new possibilities with the backing of a superior taste. Crafted by Chef for Chefs, these new sauces deliver delicious, progressive flavours to all your diners.

With 6 differentiated formulations over 12 pack sizes, including 3 new sizes to better cater to usage needs, there’s something for everyone.

The range is now fully Gluten Free, although we’ve kept the classic formulation that isn’t, to support chefs who are still transitioning toward this trend. 4 of these formulations are also now claiming Suitable for Vegetarians, greatly increasing their versatility to meet variety of dietary needs.

Visit for more information.

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Eat that pie and save the planet!

If you regularly use frozen pastry rolls to make delicious sweet or savoury pies sausage rolls etc, you have likely been baking with New Zealand’s premium pastry.

Chefs, particularly in the South Island will recognise Patisserie L’Amour –  the “yellow box” as their local brand, and now available nationwide.

With 100’s of kilometres of single use plastic film interleave avoided, replaced with white greaseproof paper Patisserie L’Amour is looking after your environment too.

Available from all good distributors.

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World’s 50 Best Restaurants & BBVA launch 2020 Scholarship

Aspiring chefs from all around the world are encouraged to apply and compete for a chance to work at three of the best restaurants in the world with the launch of the 50 Best BBVA Scholarship 2020, organised by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants with the support of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA). Entries are now open for the initiative, which is in its third year.

The annual scholarship scheme identifies talented aspiring chefs and seeks to develop their potential with the aid of internships or ‘stages’ in the kitchens of some of the world’s leading restaurants.

The recipient of the 50 Best BBVA Scholarship 2020 will be invited to work at the following top-tier establishments:

  • Mirazur in Menton, France, crowned No.1 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019, led by chef Mauro Colagreco
  • The Test Kitchen in Cape Town, South Africa, named The Best Restaurant in Africa 2019, led by chef Luke Dale-Roberts
  • Leo in Bogotá, Colombia, led by chef Leonor Espinosa, who was voted Latin America’s Best Female Chef 2018

The stages will take place between June and November 2020. The successful entrant will be flown to Flanders, the Flemish-speaking northern region of Belgium, and will be invited to attend The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2020 awards ceremony on the 2nd of June in the city of Antwerp, where he or she will have the honour of appearing on stage in front of the world’s leading chefs and media to receive the Scholarship.

Aspiring chefs with less than three years’ experience in a professional kitchen, as well as determined culinary students, are invited to apply online at . The scholarship is open to individuals aged 18 and over from any part of the world.

The first stage of the application process will be open until the 20th of December 2019. The full judging process, divided into three stages, will be overseen by the 50 Best team with input from host chefs Mauro Colagreco, Luke Dale-Roberts and Leonor Espinosa, as well as representatives of BBVA. Full details of the terms and conditions of entry are outlined on the scholarship entry website.

Andersen Lee, a 20-year-old Canadian cook, was the 2019 recipient of the 50 Best BBVA Scholarship. He spent five months undertaking internships at Odette in Singapore, Core by Clare Smyth in London, and Quintonil in Mexico City. Lee said: “I would recommend the 50 Best BBVA Scholarship because it is an excellent opportunity for aspiring cooks to work in world-class restaurants, while also being able to visit different countries across three continents. If I had any advice for future applicants, I would tell them not to be shy and go for it. Take your time, think about your answers, take it seriously and give it your all, but most importantly, surround yourself with individuals who help your creativity flourish.”

The inaugural 50 Best BBVA Scholarship winner in 2018 was Jessie Liu from Taiwan, who went on to stage at Mugaritz in San Sebastian, Spain, and Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, USA. She is now chef de partie at Lyle’s, James Lowe’s restaurant in London ranked No.33 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019.

Mauro Colagreco, chef-owner of Mirazur in Menton, France, said: “I have fond memories of all the chefs who allowed me to learn from them. I went through some tough times and I am forever thankful to those who gave me the chance of a lifetime. Through the 50 Best BBVA Scholarship program, I hope not only to inspire new talents, but also give them the opportunity to believe that all is possible when you put your heart into it.”

William Drew, Director of Content of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, said: “We are delighted to continue advocating for the professional growth of the next generation of notable chefs with the third edition of the 50 Best BBVA Scholarship. The Scholarship gives an individual the chance to cook alongside some of the most talented chefs in the world and gain unprecedented experience. The global support this initiative has produced is appreciated, and we would like to extend a special thank you to the host restaurants for offering to welcome the 50 Best BBVA Scholarship winner in 2020.”

Óscar Moya, BBVA Global Head of Marketing, said: “The third year of the program consolidates one of the most comprehensive scholarships currently offered to aspiring chefs. Mauro Colagreco, Luke Dale-Roberts and Leonor Espinosa are three great role models for students. We are thrilled to continue creating opportunities for young people who will soon hold top positions in the 50 Best lists.”

The first stage of applications for the 50 Best BBVA Scholarship 2020 will be open until 20th December 2019. Entrants should apply online on the applications website 

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Airbnb patrons contribute $262M

Airbnb guests are estimated to have spent at least $262 million in New Zealand restaurants and cafes, supporting small businesses and local jobs in communities across the nation.

More than 90 per cent of New Zealand Airbnb hosts have said they recommended restaurants and cafes to guests, ensuring vital tourism dollars are spent locally and economic benefits are spread beyond the usual tourist hotspots and CBDs Airbnb’s guest community spent at least an estimated $262 million at restaurants and cafes in New Zealand in 2018, according to the survey findings. If spending levels remain the same, Airbnb guests are estimated to spend over $343 million at Kiwi restaurants and cafes in 2019. Airbnbs Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Susan Wheeldon, said hosts play a significant role in driving this spend, with 91 per cent of those surveyed indicating they provided guests with recommendations.

“Local hosts play such an important role in encouraging guests to try out local venues and spend their money in the communities in which they’re staying,” she said.

On average, Airbnb guests in New Zealand said 45 per cent of their spending occurred in the neighbourhoods in which they stayed.

“The unique nature of our platform encourages guests to get off the well-beaten path and stay and spend in areas outside the traditional tourism areas,” Ms Wheeldon said.

“We’re committed to doing our part to ensure tourism continues to grow sustainably and also benefits those areas that have traditionally missed out, such as communities across regional New Zealand.”

Airbnb guests staying in Auckland alone spent at least an estimated $72 million on restaurantsand cafes in 2018. For 2019, that figure is expected to exceed $84 million.

Globally, Airbnb guests spent at least an estimated $36 billion* at restaurants and cafes in 2018 based on data for 46 countries and regions alone. If spending levels remain the same, that figure is estimated to exceed $45 billion in these same locations in 2019.

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Seedlip’s no and low alcohol cocktails hit town

With no and low alcoholic drinks gaining in popularity right around the world, Seedlip (the world’s first distilled non alcoholic spirit brand) and Ponsonby aviation-themed bar Clipper are kickstarting summer with their own very special ‘N o l o’ event.

For one afternoon only on Saturday, November 23 from 3-6pm, Clipper’s standard cocktail and drinks menu will sit alongside a unique no and low alcoholic cocktail list curated by the team from Seedlip.

Promising to have a little something for everyone, the Seedlip list will showcase six delectable cocktails; three no and three low alcohol options.

On the “no” menu, MartiNO and NOgroni are renditions of the classic and timless Negroni and Martini cocktails. Rounding out the ‘no” menu is the ORO, (translated to Gold in Spanish), with unique flavours of lemon balm & kaffir lime, ORO is delicate & refreshing – with honey suckle sweetness.

The Low ABV cocktails include the Genie, this cocktail packs a burst of flavour like any classic; zesty and fresh with subtle mint and lingering spice flavours. Meanwhile the Twin Otter, paying homage to the aviation background of Clipper, is a unique cocktail, low in ABV, with herbal elements, as well as elderflower liquer to add floral sweetness.

The final cocktail Les Pays Tropicaux (The Tropical World) is a Tiki / Hawaiian style cocktail with tropical flavours, perfect for a summer evening.

Clipper co-owner Barney Toy, who recently took second place at the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail competition, says he’s noticed a definite shift in demand for non-alcoholic concoctions.

“I’m always interested in global trends and this year in particular we’ve seen a noticeable rise in the number of non or moderate drinkers, as well as an increased interest in the no and low alcohol space,” he says.

“Because we have such a focus on aperitif-style drinks at Clipper, we decided to hold this one-off event to show off some unique Seedlip cocktail options alongside our usual drinks list.

“There really will be something for everyone to enjoy, whether they regularly abstain from alcohol or are just curious about what ‘n o l o’ is all about.”

Jaz Rutter, Seedlip Country Manager says It is exciting working in the space of No & Low ABV cocktails and seeing it become a global trend on the menus of the world’s best bars shows the increase in moderation drinking.

“Until recently, as a bar tender there have been no products pushing the creative boundaries of this category. Being able to create a menu of No & Low drinks that sit harmoniously together, and providing guests with a feeling of inclusion whether they are drinking alcohol or not is a great feeling.

“With the rise of the younger generation drinking less, it is lovely to be putting time into the N o l o events where moderation is key”.

Clipper’s N o l o event will take place at their Ponsonby Road location on Saturday, November 23 from 3-6pm. Guests will also have an opportunity to enjoy the moreish small plate options Clipper serves to complement their drinks menu.

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Enrico Bartiloni adds another Michelin Star

French tire company Michelin has announced the starred restaurant selections for its 65th guide to Italy. With 374 Michelin-starred restaurants, the guide to Italy is the second most starred in the world, according to Michelin. The list of 33 new starred restaurants includes 30 with one star, two with two stars, and one with three stars, Michelin’s most coveted distinction typically reserved for expensive tasting menus.

Milan is home to the newest three-star restaurant. Enrico Bartolini, from chef Enrico Bartolini, serves upscale “contemporary classic” cuisine at the Mudec museum in both tasting menu and a la carte formats. The new addition brings Italy’s list of three-star restaurants to 11; all 10 of the other three-star restaurants kept their stars from last year, including Massimo Bottura’s World’s 50 Best winner Osteria Francescana.

Some Italian chefs make multiple appearance in the guide. Bartolini’s Venice restaurant Glam by Enrico Bartolini gets two Michelin stars this year; led by resident chef Donato Ascani, it first appeared in the red book with one star in 2017. Meanwhile, Bottura’s Gucci Osteria in Florence, which opened in January 2018, earned its first Michelin star. (La Madernassa at the La Madernassa resort in Guarene fills out the list of new two-star spots.)

Michelin points out that Lombardy, a region in northern Italy that includes the cities Milan and Como, has the edge on Michelin stars in the country. Lombardy boasts 62 restaurants on the list, including three three-star restaurants, five two-star restaurants, and 54 one-star restaurants. Unsurprisingly, it’s also Italy’s wealthiest region.

Take a look at the full list of Italy’s Michelin-starred restaurants at the link.

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Hilton appoints new Cluster leader

Scott Thomson has joined Hilton as the latest Cluster General Manager for Hilton Auckland & Hilton Lake Taupo.

With a hospitality career spanning more than 25 years, Scott Thomson joins with a breadth of international experience across multiple markets.

Most recently, as the General Manager of Hilton Taipei, Scott oversaw the opening of the 400-room property and conversion of a 3,100sqm meetings and event centre which proved to be an integral component of the hotel’s continued success.

Previously, Scott held various general manager roles, including cluster responsibilities, in Chongqing, Hong Kong, Mumbai and New Delhi. At Hilton Auckland, he will be responsible for the 187-room property inclusive of 21 new guest rooms and suites that opened earlier this year on level eight of the hotel, and Hilton Lake Taupo consisting of 113 guest rooms and suites.

“We are delighted to welcome Scott back to his home country of New Zealand and into the role of Cluster General Manager at Hilton Auckland & Hilton Lake Taupo,” said Heidi Kunkel, Vice President, operations, Australasia.

“Throughout his extensive career with Hilton, Scott has proven himself as to be an extremely valued member of the leadership team. He prides himself on improving results through quality initiatives and people management and will no doubt lead our Team Members to great success in delivering exceptional Hilton hospitality.”

Scott is excited to be returning home to New Zealand with a global mind set and valuable learnings from leading hospitality markets.

“One thing never changes wherever you are, people are always looking for leadership. In different areas of the world people respond to different types of leadership, but everyone is looking for a leader; someone who represents their values and resonates with them as people”

The appointment comes at an exciting time as Hilton celebrates its 100th Anniversary globally and Hilton Auckland unveiled its newly renovated Level 8 rooms in August. The new state-of-the-art rooms will allow even more guests to experience the best of what Hilton Auckland has to offer just in time for some significant upcoming events such as APEC and America’s Cup.

With Auckland and specifically the Viaduct become an increasingly sought-after destination for locals and tourists alike, Scott sees this influx as an opportunity to provide the best service to all Hilton guests.

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Sustainability at the heart of new Gibbston Valley Lodge & Spa

Central Otago’s new luxury lodge will have sustainability at its heart when it opens its door later this year.  Located amongst the vines of Central Otago’s founding winery, the Gibbston Valley Lodge & Spa will offer the ultimate in relaxed luxury, fine wine, culinary excellence and 5-star personal service.

Every element of its operation has been put under the microscope so it ‘walks the talk’ on initiatives that do far more than pay lip service to sustainability. And it has high standards to live up to, being set amongst a BioGro certified organic vineyard, and BioGro certified organic winery.

Gibbston Valley Lodge & Spa sustainability practices cover everything from in-room recycling bins to refillable glass milk bottles and breakfast spreads served in ramekins and refillable jars. Villa bathrooms will have bamboo toothbrushes, and still and sparkling water will be ‘on tap’ in the Lodge with reusable bottles supplied.

Nitty-gritty detail extends to even the smallest supplies. Guests won’t find straws, sugar packets, tea bags or individually-wrapped mints anywhere.

Support for the local artisan economy comes from using the Queenstown Soap Company for in-room soaps, and liquid soaps and lotions are from Healthpak’s Forest and Bird range, where a percentage of profits go to conservation group Forest and Bird.

Pillows, mattress toppers and duvets made with recycled plastic come from Kiwi company Vendella, which plants thousands of native trees throughout the country each year.

EcoWise environmentally conscious cleaning products will do all the dirty work required, while NZ social enterprise company For The Better Good provides bottles made from plants and plants native seedlings for each villa room turnover.

Also forging ahead with a range of sustainability initiatives is Executive Chef Anthony Gradiska and his team. They already raise their own seeds in an onsite glasshouse and have established gardens near the winery kitchen, but are now taking sustainability to the next level.

A new fruit orchard has been planted in a sheltered spot renowned for its microclimate, where fig and feijoa trees will thrive alongside a new berry grove.

Watercress will grow in waterways running between the Lodge’s 24 guest villas, and composting, developing worm farms and giving waste products to the farmer next door for his pigs have become part-and-parcel of how the kitchen team operates.

Chef Gradiska put blood, sweat and tears into building the new gardens, constructing terraces from recycled pallets with the assistance of restaurant employee Cristian Astudillo.

Astudillo, with a background in agricultural engineering, biodynamics and organics, designed the terraces to ensure soil nutrients were retained.

The driving force behind the new Lodge & Spa’s sustainability focus is Gibbston Valley Operations Manager, Donna Gradiska, who has been with the company for just over two years.With a 20-year-plus background in the tourism and hospitality industry, including managerial roles at five-star resorts and hotels and luxury super-yachts, she is “thrilled” to see her visions realised.

“Sustainability has been my entire life,” she says. “The Lodge & Spa is not only going to be sustainable in its product offerings, but in streamlining how we work as a team across the winery and lodge,” she says.

Gibbston Valley Lodge & Spa will open with a stunning architecturally-designed central lodge, complete with striking feature fireplace, soaring ceiling, sun-filled conservatory, al fresco dining area, an exclusive restaurant and Lodge Cellar overflowing with historic vintages.

World-class luxury accommodation in 24 sumptuously comfortable and modern villas oozes with sophistication, sleek interior and exterior design, accompanied by lush landscaping and peaceful water features.

The on-site spa will be a luxurious retreat for health, beauty and wellbeing, and guests will be encouraged to connect with the land and the winery experience, indulge in outstanding food and wine and enjoy a range of customized packages.

Gibbston Valley Lodge & Spa is set on 1000-acres of privately-owned land, dotted with many kilometres of exclusive biking and walking trails. Luxury experience packages available at Gibbston Valley Lodge & Spa include the Wine Immersion, Food & Wine Indulgence, Relax & Revive, Romantic Escape and Ride the Vines.

Rates start at $825NZD per villa. For further information and bookings go to

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CINZ Conference 2020 to showcase Hawke’s Bay

Napier City and the Hawke’s Bay region will host the Conventions and Incentives New Zealand (CINZ) Conference in October 2020. The win was announced at the conference in Queenstown.

The region will welcome 150 delegates from the business events industry including suppliers, professional conference organisers, and managers and sales teams of venues and regional convention bureaux, plus international speakers.

CINZ Event and Marketing Director, Heather Cornish says they are delighted to be in Napier for the CINZ annual conference next year. “This region holds many unique highlights and new venues, and we look forward to showcasing these to our delegates,” she says.

Hawke’s Bay Tourism Chief Executive, Hamish Saxton says they are thrilled Hawke’s Bay has secured the host region rights for the CINZ Conference 2020.

“Our region has clear aspirations to grow our share of the business events market, and we see the hosting of the conference and its delegates as a critically important component of showcasing all that Hawke’s Bay has to offer.

“From the recent investment in the Napier Conference Centre to the imminent launch of ‘Toitoi – Hawke’s Bay Arts and Events Centre’ in Hastings, the region has much to show New Zealand’s business event leaders and planners. Of course, no visit to Hawke’s Bay is complete without exploring the region further and sampling our hospitality, in the form of our many stunning wine, food and cultural experiences.”

The 44th CINZ Conference will take place at Napier Conference Centre on 14 and 15 October 2020.

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Vegan Pie Awards announced in Auckland

Seventeen companies throughout New Zealand submitted over 60 pies for this year’s Vegan Pie Awards competition. The competition was  established to acknowledge the recent rapid  growth in demand for plant based options and in high quality vegan pie options offered by all types of New Zealand eateries.

The judging panel comprised of internationally recognised chef Gerrard O’Keefe of Hector’s Restaurant, Heritage Hotels, as well as vegan actor and director Emmett Skilton (Auckward Love, The Almighty Johnsons) and Brad Jacobs Co-Director of The Coffee Club. The event was hosted at Auckland plant-based eatery The Butcher’s Son.

Vegan Society National Coordinator Amanda Sorrenson says the event was devised to give the Kiwi dietary staple a modern makeover, better reflecting this country’s growing trend in choosing healthier, more sustainable, fairer food options.

“Plant-based pies are proving to be more and more popular as people cut down on their intake of animal products.”

The Supreme Vegan Pie Awards 2019 results are:

Vegan Steak and Vegan Cheese:

  • Winner – equal Richoux Patisserie Auckland and Kai Pai Bakery Wanaka
  • Second – Tart Bakery Auckland
  • Third – Lemonwood Eatery Taranaki

Vegan Mince and Vegan Cheese:

  • Winner – Richoux Patisserie Auckland
  • Second – Euro Patisserie Auckland
  • Third – equal Lemonwood Eatery Taranaki and Kai Pai Bakery Wanaka

Vegan Chicken:

  • Winner – equal Tart Bakery Auckland and Richoux Patisserie Auckland
  • Second – Euro Patisserie Auckland
  • Third – Logan McLean Waipu


  • Winner – Richoux Patisserie Auckland (Green Curry)
  • Second – Lemonwood Eatery Taranaki (Smoky Vegetable)
  • Third – Kai Pai Bakery Wanaka (Vegetable)

Café Boutique – any sort of pastry, shape, open or closed

  • Winner – Oviedo Cafe Wellington (BBQ Jackfruit w cheese)
  • Second – Richoux Patisserie Auckland (Creamy Mushroom)
  • Third – equal Timbuktu Nomadic Deli Waiheke Island (Pepper Steak), Logan McLean Waipu (Rendang), and Oviedo Cafe Wellington (Apple Peach Crumble)

Gluten Free

  • Winner – Richoux Patisserie Auckland
  • Second – A Life of Health Auckland (Coffee, Blackberry and Orange
  • Third – Rainbow Kitchen Nelson (Creamy Jackfruit)


  • Winner – Richoux Bakery Auckland (Apple, Peach and Passion)
  • Second – Tart Bakery Auckland (Peach and Raspberry)

Supreme Award

Oviedo Cafe Wellington (BBQ Jackfruit w Cheese)

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